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Chrizzia is a twenty year old from Manila now living in London. She made this blog to express all the bottled thoughts, creativity, ideas and happenings in her introverted brain. Here she will share with you things she loves, she creates, places she went to and maybe some of her outfit of the day.

She has been inspired and hopes to inspire others as well. She loves road trips, beaches and dreams to go places someday. She loves the rain and cosying up with a good movie or a book. She goes to charity shops to find something dainty and quirky. Once she knows you're genuine, she'll keep you forever.

She is beautifully broken and saved by grace.


Just in case you're wondering what it means (because I just made it up). Thistle is a kind of wildflower that belongs to the family of daisies (one of my ultimate favourites). But it is not just a normal pretty daisy, a thistle has thorns. So, 'Thistled Soul' means a soul who's continuously growing with wildflowers, possessing both beauty and strength. A soul who goes through the good and the bad, and still continues to bloom.