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17 August 2015

Photodiary: Lake District Part 3

Surrounded by layers of mountains towering over us, a passing place that I didn't want to end, going through and around valleys, rivers, mountains, all the beauty left us in awe. We stepped out the car to catch our breath, and pause for a while to take in the moment. A moment to tell ourselves that what we were seeing was real. To say the least, it was amazing. Surrounded with so much beauty made me feel so humbled. Standing there, in the middle of mountains made me feel so small, made me realise how vast, how great is nature. Most especially, how great is the Creator of all of it. Eventually, Honister Pass came to an end. We came down to the foot of the mountains where a lake was located. It was called Derwent Water. It had little islands in the middle of it that we thought it would be nice to row around and get to these islands. As a passenger in the boat, I had all the time to sit back, appreciate the view  and watched the others struggled as they rowed.

We finished off the day with a rock. A massive one called the Bowder Stone. What makes this stone special is that it was transported from Scotland by the glaciers of the ice age. Then it landed on top of a mountain in the middle of the forest. Fascinating, right? Right. My sister, brother and I had to trek through the forest to get to the stone. I have never felt so eerie in my life. It was dead quiet and the forest and the mountains looked angry. By that time, I almost believed that the mountains were alive. I'm sure we all felt scared but no one said a word.

We went home that day overwhelmed with what we've experienced. Little did we know that on the next day, we would discover more captivating sceneries. 

We went to the place of Wasdale, where the lake, Wastwater, was located. Not only is it the deepest lake in England, but it held a breathtaking view as well. We drove to Wasdale Head and had the dilemma whether to hike Scaffel pike (highest peak in England) or hike any mountain (at least) or trek towards the edge of Wastwater. Considering all our fitness levels and our age range, hiking Scaffel pike was easily ruled out and we oughted to do the easiest option - to trek towards Wastwater. But it wasn't an easy trek either. Because it rained earlier that day, the trail was flooded and muddy. It was literally an obstacle to pass through. Shoes were taken off and feet got soaked. Although in the end, it was worth it. On our way back, we witnessed the herding of sheep and how incredible the sheep dog made sure that no sheep escaped. I didn't know dogs were used to herd sheep. You learn something new everyday.

I couldn't get enough of the scenery. I couldn't help it but shout because I didn't know words to describe what I was seeing and what I was feeling. It was overwhelming, exciting, amazing all at the same time. With His creations as proof, I couldn't help but praise God for how great He is. 

[ Honister Pass ]

 I don't know what my sister was doing, either. (weirdo alert)
 Honister pass was a passing place so it was quite difficult to stop at the sides of the road. One is because there are no side of the road because we were on the edge of the mountain. Second, it began to rain. Third, it was dangerous to stop in such narrow roads with oncoming vehicles. But when we did find space to pull over and take pictures, the pictures did not do the scenery justice. It's 1000000x better in real life. So it's definitely better to see for yourself ;)


[ Rowing at Derwent Water ]

[Pretending they know what they're doing ]

[ Keep rowing that GoPro stick ]

 [ Keswick Town Centre - finally some civilisation and supermarkets! Went shopping for food for the next couple of days ]

 [ Bowder Stone: A rock from Scotland transported by the glaciers of the ice age ]

[ "Just walking my dogs" ]

[ Wasdale/ Wastwater ]

[ "let's take the family picture now before it rains!!!" ]

[ Wasdale Head ]

 [ Trekking towards the edge of Wastwater (England's deepest lake)] 

 [ Shoes are off! ]

 [ "I'm not liking this" ]


[ Witnessed the herding of sheep with the help of the sheep dog ]

[ They're coming! ]

 [ "We still have a long walk back to the car" ]

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